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PSO is an interest and membership organization where security and service are one of the core values ​​of the business. PSO works together for our members locally, nationally and internationally, and we care and engage ourselves in a number of areas.

Individuals with occupational or professional interests for security and safety, security advisers, security officers, operational leaders, emergency preparedness officers, security guards, guards, civil servants and managers in private and public safety, including companies, institutions, associations and organizations concerned with security, social safety and emergency preparedness is typical members of the PSO.

PSO offers and provides services and assistance to private, businesses, companies, institutions, organizations, and associations. PSO has a large contact network of professional partners with different specialist expertise, both nationally and internationally.

Our members and partners have background and experience from among others, the Armed Forces, the Police, the Security and Intelligence Services, the Guard and Security industry.

We also have members with a master’s degree in jurisprudence and laws, as well as security advisers and security consultants.

PSO is a registered Norwegian security organization (NGO) with offices in Oslo (Norway).
Special areas of expertise include security, investigation, intelligence, protection, assistance and security consulting. PSO cooperates with several security companies worldwide.

PSO wants to be an active and professional organization that collaborates in all relevant subject areas with public authorities, agencies, institutions, private and public entities to other organizations and associations as well as with persons and/or companies offering different forms of security services and other relevant services.

If you would like to contact P.S.O you can use the contact form below or send us an email.

Contact PSO  –  Email: post@psonorway.com